The Power of Why

Understand your customers. Transform your business.

Strategic insights straight from the source

The XY terminal connects you to your customers. It is the next best alternative to in-person interviews. Continuous customer feedback gives benchmarking data to help set targets, improve performance, and surpass customer satisfaction levels.

Success in retail hinges on user experience

Let you customers guide you. Rather than drawing inferences from secondhand data, or using intrusive technology, the simplest way is to just ask. Make the experience rewarding by literally issuing rewards like coupons, discounts, loyalty points, or cashback. Answer questions instantly with call-for-help buttons.

Super Powers for You

Understand customers

Get feedback and build trust

Reward customers

Delight and ignite desire

Transform business

Analyze and take action 

A single Xpress Yrself terminal can change your perpective. Before XY, the focus may be on finding perfect coffee beans, then you may learn that customers value more the full coffee experience.

Xpress Yrself helps identify quality and freshness concerns. Customers may value produce provenance less than price. The Call-for-Help button is a lifesaver. You can answer questions and doubts instantly.

Help me understand my customers

Transform customer experience at critical points

With real-time customer feedback, pinpoint and address service performance issues instantly, avoiding escalation, and keep customers coming back. Customers can request personalized assistance and services.

Engage staff in the customer service experience

 Customer satisfaction data helps employees be more aware of their interaction with customers, motivating them to provide even better service.

Let customers know you care about their experience

And that their feedback is important. Asking for feedback and sharing results creates meaningful customer relationships, builds trust, and promotes loyalty.

Help me transform my business

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